Cant delete files from usb drive mac

This is because when you delete anything from an external drive you may also need to delete it from the Trash, and the only way to do that is to empty the trash on your Mac in the usual way.

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If you eject the external hard disk or flash drive before emptying the trash the files will remain on the drive. A locally attached drive actually has its own, hidden trash folders, named. Trashes at root level. You can use Terminal to locate these, and delete them, using the method outlined below. If there is a problem with the drive itself then you can use Disk Utility to repair the disk.

Fixed: Cannot Delete Files on exFAT at Flash Drive without Running “chkdsk”

Open Disk Utility and find the disk with the rogue file. Use First Aid and repair the disk. Now when you restart you should be able to empty the trash, hopefully.

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Read about using Disk Utility here. If you are happy using Terminal, you may be able to delete your Trash by following the below instructions:.

Reformat the exFAT flash drive is another effective way to remove the dirty and write protection. Thus, you cannot format it but have to turn to third party software to make it. Backup your files on the exFAT flash drive before formatting.

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Because this operation will delete all data on the drive. Step 1.

Step 2. In the pop-up window, select exFAT in the File System drop-down menu, edit other options if you need. Click OK.

Permanently Deleting files from an External Hard Drive in Mac

Step 3. After the formatting, you have removed the write protection from the exFAT drive. Posted by Cherry January 29, Download Buy Now.

Dealing with Locked Files on a Mac

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4 Ways to Delete Files That Cannot Be Deleted - wikiHow

Method 1. Check write protection switch Some USB or card reader may have a physical switch which allows you to lock or unlock write protection. Method 2. Before you do: Backup your files on the exFAT flash drive before formatting. Connect your exFAT drive to your Windows computer, make sure it can be detected.