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I'm inclined to think that the problem is in the way the print data is sent breakdown of the print data. Similar printjobs sent to another user's MG series printer resulted in printing after a long wait several minutes, apparently. I have no problem printing to various Canon printers myself in the past, and cannot duplicate the problem on a MP I need to try on an iP perhaps, but this will take some time. Have any other backends had problems with the breakdown of the print data? Perhaps length of "lines" needs to be kept below a certain level for buffering reasons.

At the moment the Canon backend sends the printdata 2. I intend to analyse the Windows printjob to discover what the length of lines is. However, I wonder if backends need to be written to customize such a maximum permitted length on a per-printer basis. Any comments welcome. Best regards, Gernot Hassenpflug. Hello, just want to ask you please gutenprint 5. Hello, dear Developers, this nice printer, the last of its kind before the chips came, widely still used by pros with a CISS sytem- is crippled by software and NOT able to print rollsizes for panorama photographers. Any chance that You can help in this department?

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On Sat, 25 May The doesn't have a hardware duplex unit I have one myself , so Gutenprint shouldn't be offering a duplex option although it does. The host could do software duplexing by ordering the pages correctly, but Gutenprint can't. In process, lost 2-sided print option on my HP LaserJet nw. Installed Gutenprint 5. Am I doing something wrong - or is 2-sided not supported as it was in the older OS X? Thx, Peter. On Mon, May 20, at 4: Vlagsma, Duplex functionality is supported for the Canon MP in gutenprint from 5. Current recommended version is 5.

If you are using software based on the older gutenprint 5. Regards, Gernot Hassenpflug. On Fri, May 24, at 7: I am using Ubuntu. It referred to jockey. If you want to try the gutenprint driver for the MP series, you can install gutenprint from your distribution 5.

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If you want to use Canon's drivers, please search the Ubuntu forums, as there is plenty of help there: Is that what I need? Hi, See below. Is it right that duplex-functionality for my Canon mp is not supported by GutenPrint? Will this change in the near future? Tech Support To: Robbert Vlagsma Sent: Monday, May 20, 9: If the driver does not support this feature, the only option that one will see will be 'off'. The reason why HP printer driver support this feature, but most of the others don't stems from the fact that Hewlett-Packard distributes its drivers under General Public license as an open source and free project.

For other printers that do not enjoy the same support from their corresponding manufacturers, our app downloads and uses drivers provided by GutenPrint http: As a result, not all drivers have the full functionality. We will be working on making duplex feature work for other printers including yours, but it is going to take some time. On Sun, May 19, at 6: Hi, I bought printer share and are using it on my galagy tab with android 4.

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I print on a canon mp wifi with duplex capabilities. This is the default. But I can not select this in printershare. When I use File-print or Command-P, it lists the hp in the printer selector but says nothing about the driver. The prints! Thanks for your help.: I am using Mac OS ver The HP LaserJet ver 1. Thanks to Tobias and everyone for the blog and comments — most helpful.

I downloaded the driver for this printer on my virtual machine for work as I am working remotely and ever since then it messed up printing on my local machine. When I went back to find the fix that worked the first time and install the driver as indicated it still wont print.

Hi, I dint everything but still when I print it shows Hold for Authentication.

What to do now??? You have no idea how helpful that was..

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Am in Egypt and security would not let me go thew without the printed eticket. I only had an HP thank you! Thank you SO much!! Your were the only one really helpful with this problem. Using my printer again is so much fun!! Have a blessed day!

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Thank-you for this post. It works wonderfully on my Macbook Pro! I appreciate you putting it out there! My setup: I just wanted to mention that I needed to reboot before I could see all the drivers. Thanks so much!!!!!! I was about to throw the printer out…. Thank You for the save all ideas.

I have found out how to delete all of those extra drivers that fill up your Hard Drive. Go to: Delete carefully. The file i kept was HP LaserJet I almost tossed my printer. Thanks so very much!!!

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Hi Tobias, how are you? So i think is the software. I did the download of the long time ago… i tried to redo it again but the files i found are corrupted. Do you know what i can do please? The printer was not visible on my list. Nothing came up. I needed to setup using these drivers: HP LaserJet , 1. I downloaded the software and installed the driver. And It works. Thanks a lot. Thanks for sharing the helpful tips Mr. One month before, I installed the driver on my apple laptop for HP LaserJet printer but it was corrupted after some hours.