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As of today, Borodin's method is still working and you can see a little more of the back-and-forth between him and Apple on his website, In-Appstore. Before you run into this, dancing for joy at all of the free stuff you'll be downloading, consider the implications.

I'm of course not talking about the ethical ones, as obviously this is taking money out of developers and artists pockets; that's not even up for debate. But consider the fact that you're running your phone's connection through servers in who knows where, through a process designed to illegally steal content.

The process was recently changed to require the user to sign out of their iTunes account first, so, in Borodin's words, "they don't scream to the Internet that I am stealing their credentials. This is not even considering what Apple can or will do legal-wise if they manage to track the use of Borodin's process to your phone. It's a fairly murky grey area right now, so tread carefully if you intend to try it out.

In any case, here are the steps to get it to work. Use at your own risk!

Stealing in-app purchases and what it could cost you

Install the following profiles onto your device. They must be installed in this order:. Go to the app where you intend to buy in-app items, and start a purchase. Then hit "Cancel" when it asks you to verify that you want to make the purchase. If you're confused, there's a video tutorial available.

However, it's already a little out-dated, and I have a good feeling it will be pulled soon.

Do you know where and how you’re spending precious time?

It's amazing just how simple this process is. It makes you wonder just how secure Apple's system is and if similar vulnerabilities could be exploited to steal entire apps, personal information, or anything like that.

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It's certainly going to be a back and forth battle between Borodin and Apple as word spreads about the vulnerability. As a result, I have nothing to say about this. Well personally, I like the MAS, it is convenient, however, if it comes to convenience vs a better product, I would take the better product any day!

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Very sad news… i love MAS, i know sandboxing is for our safety but Apple should give devs solutions to make everything in a safe way. I hope you can release Coda 2. Please please please please please have real. Would be the perfect editor if this feature was there. Looking forward to 2.

You guys are awesome! Coda is the best dev tool out there! Keep it up! It also seems weird how so many apps are able to get exceptions… I bought 1Password from their website and it syncs via iCloud? You can download Xcode and it installs system tools? And it downloads system updates? Well I guess this kills any potential future integration of Coda with Game Center. The direct-sales model has worked well for a long time for software vendors. I realize that some developers want to reach a wider audience or use MAS-specific features like iCloud; however, I feel the negatives for both developers and consumers far outweigh the positives.

Cydia For the Mac The Hack Store App

Thank you! I bought Coda and BBedit at about the same time and directly from the developers. You guys are simply a class act. When you decided to discontinue CandyBar you put up a notice and gave it away for free so as to not have new customers pay. That move and now this move with Coda sets you folks amongst devs that care about their customers and try to keep 1 step ahead in making things easier.

Ok enough gushing. There are a number of apps that have accomplished working in the sandbox admirably and yet still function effectively.

First time you go to a particular folder, it will prompt for approval, afterwards it is approved for all future runs. This just screams as a straw man issue to justify an exit from the App Store not necessarily a bad thing, but just be honest about it. Thank you. Many developers have been fighting Apple for years with some of these issues. Meanwhile, Sublime Text, GitHub Atom and Adobe Brackets have been putting out great software with frequent updates and an extensive list of plugins that bring every feature imaginable to developers. You have competition that are blowing past you in responsiveness and listening to the community.

Even if you were Apple, we buy their products not because they keep secrets and screw over early adopters. No, no.


Those are the reasons we hate Apple. We buy their products for the attention to detail they put in.

Kick back, but don’t relax

Coda 2 is barely an update to Coda. In the past 3 months, Adobe Brackets has progressed a tremendous amount. In the past 3 weeks, GitHub Atom has blown past you guys. So, once again, you have our money now show us what we get for it. Was Code 2 already sandboxed? Is that correct? While the App Store works perfectly fine for most of the Apps out there, there are some that will have issues with Sandboxing, etc. I would really like if Coda 2.

Will you run Panic Sync on your own local server in your office or will you host it elsewhere and if so where? Sounds like a great plan. Now I do. And I understand your frustrations!

It is too bad. What is so important that would allow you to not sandbox Coda? I have been a supporter of Panic for many years! I would love to know the technical side of things as to why you have made this decision. I wish there was a Coda Slim for Mac. A code editor highly optimised just for Mac. Insanely fast and simple to use. It will have been an instant buy for everyone. Man oh man, for entirely selfish reasons I consider this excellent news.

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When I read the news I panicked. Then I read the blog post and I had a sign of relief… Thanks for making this part easy and for not punishing us who bought the product on the app store. I understand why Apple needs sandboxing.