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Honestly, I have since moved away from DS Audio. We use a mix of Pandora and Spotify now. If I find out, I will let you know! Thanks for your article.

IMHO, I have found a simpler way for this task. You just need the free text editor app TextWrangler. Open in TextWrangler 3. Replace paths as you said 4. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The Process Export the playlists from iTunes in M3U format Edit the export to adjust the paths The paths will likely start with something like:. Published in System Administration. Homelab NAS Synology. Where does Plex look for the XML file? You can place the xml file anywhere on the NAS, preferably in an easy to access location. Thanks for finally giving us enough to go on. The checkbox during library creation is a total red herring.

What is the purpose of that channel, and what does it have to do with library content re importing the XML? Plex 0. Once you mention NAS then anything erratic in the behavior of iTunes is valid. People love the idea of a NAS for the very sharing you think you are doing more on that later but browsing this forum will reveal no shortage of posts about NAS issues with iTunes which people cannot explain. Realize that while any computer can access this library only one computer can do so at a time. Because you have it set up so there is only one copy of the library file that file can only be open by one computer at a time.

If that works for you then fine. If not there is no ideal alternative. You can make it so each computer has its own copy of the library file and only media are shared but then if you add an item using one library the others will not know about it and you will have to remember to add or delete the item from all the other libraries.. Posted on Feb 26, AM.

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Page content loaded. Feb 26, AM. Did not know about only one computer can share the NAS library at the same time. In a perfect world I would like to connect all my computers to the iTunes library on the NAS so that they can all access the music at the same time, allowing everyone to add new music to the NAS library and sync our iOS devices with whatever music we like. There are many different ways to share media and libraries on a local network but not the way you desire.

If you have a multiple user situation I suspect being able to personalize a library is desirable.

You also have to trust the other people not to rename or accidentally delete media. See Make a split library portable for some general background on ideal library structure.

How to copy files to synology nas

As Limnos has said switching libraries shouldn't cause any prompt regarding copying files. A workaround might be to have the library in the portable shape but then copy the library files out to each individual machine.

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Use one as the master library for making edits and then copy its version of the database and album artwork folder to the others after making a change. You wont be able to keep a central record of playcounts, but you should be able to access the media from more than one machine at a time. Well my wife don't change anything, she just want to access the library from her MBP and sync which ever songs she want to her iPhone or iPad.

I want to do the same and I'm the one responsible for adding more music to the library. Also connected the iTunes library via our stereo and the mac mini connected we have connected and which we use the Remote app to choose which music to play on the stereo. If you don't think there will be any collision of interests then do as turingtest2 describes in his second paragraph. One way is to put a copy of the entire library on the NAS as you have done and run one computer as the master computer using that copy of the library file. Copy the iTunes folder from that master library but omit the media folder -- just everything else.

If it does not then it may be necessary to get the library to search for media on the NAS by finding one the file one broken link should use, then let iTunes find others.

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This may be decidedly obvious and not useful but have you tried setting up home sharing. I do know i can access media on computers other than my own MBP if they are on the network Option B, one that I took ages ago is to get Plex Feb 27, PM.

MIchael - I have Home sharing enabled but I don't like it. Can't understand why it should be so hard. Feb 28, AM.


Okey so now I managed to at least get iTunes working one one computer and all iOS devices seems to sync against the new computer with the library on the NAS. Haven't tried if my MacMini connected to my stereo will have the same view as i have from this computer yet. Will have to close down and try some more this weekend since now has been all about finding all the missing songs in iTunes labeled!