Sharing internet connection between two computers mac

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How to share Internet connection on a mac

Open Finder on both Macs, on the left you'll see the AirDrop icon with the parachute and box. Click that on both macs and you should see each other. Then just drag files to the other computer's picture. You don't even have to be on a wifi network at all, you just have to have wifi enabled on both Macs. Edit: As mentioned below, not all Macs have AirDrop. The next best solution is to choose "Create Network" under the wifi menu on the Menu Bar or join the same wifi network on both machines.

Now open finder and choose "network" on the left of a finder window, or in the top most folder ctrl-click on the title at the top of the finder window, mine's called "Lance's MacbookPro" you should see "network" there. If your Macs are on the same network and the one you want to connect to has File Sharing enabled you should just be able to connect to one from the other in the sidebar under the shared menu.

After you connected and select which volumn to mount it will mount it as a volume on the Mac you are using and then you can drag and drop to or from that volume.

How to create a private LAN for Mac hardware devices | Macworld

Try Dropbox. It has LAN support which Airdrop operates on and a filesystem, so if you register an account, download the client for Mac onto both machines, setup the Dropbox folder to be somewhere handy e. Desktop, where you can just drag-drop it would be at least as speedy as Airdrop, and far more versatile, as it supports online uploading and more operating systems. Only limit is the 2GB of free folder space, which you can either expand via referrals to 8GB or by buying more space. Have you tried AirPort? Assuming they are on the same network.

It works fairly well, and should be located in the upper left of any finder window you use. Click it on both computers, and drag and drop. My wife and I use DropCopy , which you can download from the app store. The link is to the free version, which is for less than three computers. It's a nice and easy way to share.

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It took me an hour bashing my head around to sink low enough to go reading user comments…. Typically useless apple documentation. Assume the user is an idiot and explain the really obvious stuff and make not mention or suggestion of common problems and workarounds.

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This is the most bs article ever. Obviously going to sharing and enabling internet sharing was the first thing I did when I connected the two computers. Now, the question is — why does that not work and what else could there be to do? Connected the connection. Please help… Please give me solution to connect to the internet…. Im using a USB stick broadband on macbook, internet is ok. Tried sharing, but my iPhone nor any wifi phones cannot find the macbook hotspot.

Enable Internet Sharing and Configure Your Hotspot

I even tried entering the name and password on my phone, but still cannot be found. Pls help. For those having problems with this connecting, here is some possible solution.

After some experimenting with the same issue, I found that enabling OSX Firewall and Internet sharing conflicts with each other: if I turn off firewall, Internet Sharing works as described in the post. How to monitor devices connected to internet sharing? Is there any way by which we can allow only selected device.

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I cannot allow users by changing the password , but i cannot change the password due to some constraints. I am sort of desperate, and need help with my wifi sharing problem. I hope there is still someone who can answer me on this.

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When I try to share my internet from my mac, via an ethernet cable making my mac a hotspot , I get this message up:. Your Internet connection cannot be shared because it is protected by Choose a different network to share or disable Internet Sharing.

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Some report tricks to fix the issue, but every one is different. Is there any way to share internet permanently?

source Currently it shares the internet till I am connected to the network. But once I disconnect and re-connect to network. I have to go to sharing again and re-share to make it working. Is there any way to permanently share the internet? Does anyone know how many connections you can make at once when you are sharing an ethernet connection via wifi in MacOS?

I thought I read on another forum you can have at least 8 connections at once. I need at least 4 connections. Insert one end of an Ethernet cable in your PC and the other end in your Mac. Turn on both computers. Make a note of your Workgroup name and computer name as you will need this information when connecting to your PC from your Mac.

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