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Unlike Windows PCs, Macs don't allow you to remove CDs simply by opening a media-drive door or ejecting a disc from a slot-loading drive. In fact, Macs won't eject discs while they're in use by an application or process. Once you finish accessing a CD, you can eject it from the Finder -- unless you've chosen not to display desktop icons for optical media. To work around the invisible-disc problem, substitute other commands and methods to extricate your CD. On some Apple keyboards and on third-party keyboards designed for compatibility with Macs, you'll find a dedicated Media Eject key at the top right corner.

The key carries an icon that looks like an underlined pyramid, similar to the ejection-button markings on DVD and Blu-ray players. When you press and hold the Media Eject key, the Mac releases the disc in its internal or attached external optical drive. If your keyboard layout doesn't include a Media Eject key, the F12 key substitutes for it. Apple's iTunes and Disk Utility applications include provisions for ejecting optical discs through software. Some third-party applications also include controls for ejecting discs, especially software designed for burning DVDs and CDs.

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If keyboard and software controls don't succeed in ejecting your recalcitrant disc, you can start or restart your computer to take advantage of a power shortcut designed to accomplish the task. After you press the computer's power button or choose "Restart" from the Apple menu and immediately after you hear the startup chime, press and hold the main -- or only -- button on your mouse.

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Your Mac should eject the disc before it finishes starting up. The master had a label printed with a printer very thick i suspect that as culprit. No genius bar visit for me!!! THAT worked, after many other unsuccessful attempts.

Anything worked with mine to eject the dvd and I had to TURN the macbook pro OFF not just restarting it and then press the touchpad button and the button eject at the same time. Thank you for your recommendations. They were really helpful. Vielen Dank. Thank you so much for your advice. I looked all over the help systems and discussions and nothing worked.

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By holding the track bar down and simultaneously putting an envelope in the hard drive to stop the disk from spinning it ejected ending a 6 hour ordeal. We had the exact problem that you described which was that it kept trying to boot from the CD. Now we get to fix a corrupt kernel, but at least we have a fighting chance. So thank you. Very practical advice.

Your post really saved me money ,while helping me resolve a month long problem. Be blessed thanks again for your kindness in sharing your knowledge with me a perfect stranger.

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I was attempting to burn a disc on iTunes. So, after reading through a few forums I shut down my computer, waited a few seconds and turned it back on.

How to force eject a disc from your Mac

As soon as I hit the power button I held down the track pad key but my macbook started making horrible noises so I let go and decided to press the eject key. Once my computer was fully booted up I took a thin piece of cardboard and stuck it gently in the slot and pressed eject… out pops the disc. I hope this helps someone who had the same issue. I did it! It worked, I jammed cardboard paper, and it took a few times but it worked in the end, thanks for the help!

The cardboard I used cover of a glossy paper back book worked very well!

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I also combined that trick with the 45degree angle thing.. I tried all of the eject buttons and forced eject key method, and this was the only thing that worked! I was starting to get really worried, till i found this page and all your tips! I turned off the macbook, then held down the eject button and turned the power back on.

I finally got the damn disk out! It was stopping the CD from going in or going out. I know this really sounds like a true hardware issue, but once we physically moved the piece out of the way by gently sliding a card underneath it and moving it toward the screen the CD came right out…. I tried most of the suggestions except the cardboard… where do you stick the cardboard…. This page solved it! Keyboard perpendicular to the table.

Pressed the eject button. Thank you so much for the advice! Just held down the trackpad on the new aluminium mb relieved now, and people with the bootcamp problem hold down ctrl and choose macintosh. Thank you guys for the help, Clicking the trackpad on startup ejected my windows disk which hung up in there in an unsuccessful attempt at using bootcamp.

Thanks a million!!! I had this exact problem the other day. The way i did was shut down the macbook. This was an extensive explanation and it helped me get out the nasty DVD through the card method , thanks man. Just wanted to chime in that this worked for me! I have an Intel based Macbook. Usually if I take a q-tip moistened with a little running alcohol and run it along the opening it will help.

Also, I generally do have to tip my laptop on its side to let gravity do its job. Every time I would hit the eject button, the image would flash like it was going to eject then…. No noises, even. The disk was no longer even spinning, there was just no response at all. Anyway, I turned it off, let it sit for about a minute and turned it back on — pressing the trackpad button the entire time.

It tried to eject after about 45 seconds, but was sucked back in.

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  8. Once OS X was starting to load, I tried just hitting the eject button with laptop on its side and the stupid thing finally spit out. Oh yeah, my computer was on for at least min. Kinda took a while!! Thank you so much for different ideas. I was also in same problem that my cd was stuck in my mac book. Finally it came out. Friends it is worth to read all.

    Eject a stuck CD/DVD from a MacBook Pro

    The battery cardboard trick worked! Thank you!!! Thanks so much for the advice. However, the major ingredient some sort of long chain alcohol along with the polymers in solution caused a film on the disk and enabled my computer to read the disk. I just stuck a piece of cardboard in the disk drive and waited for the disk to stop rotating and then repeatedly pressed the ejection button on the keyboard.

    Finally a box appeared on my screen that asked which task I want to perform and I selected to eject. It worked like magic! The cardboard trick worked for me too, except I used a visiting card. Also, my problem was more complicated as my Keyboard and Trackpad are non-functional.