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I also wish to express my very sincere thanks for my professors, lecturers, and tutors at Sydney University, University of Canberra in Australia; University of Cambridge, Oxford University in the United Kingdom; and Hope International University in the USA for their valuable help in the improvement of the book.

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Hanoi, Autumn Prof. Nguyen Trong Dan 7 Preface to the First Edition There are increasing needs for trained business persons as a result of the recent rapid development of foreign trade in Vietnam. A good command of written commercial English is one of the most important qualifications of a business person. This book aims at meeting the needs of commerce students at the Foreign Trade University, and at the same time it can serve as a hand book for those who are engaged in foreign trade transactions in Vietnam.

The many letters included are written in a straight-forward and meaningful style and relevant to daily transactions of Vietnamese business persons. And in this sense, it is hoped that the book will be of special help to Vietnamese commerce students, users and readers. The book is divided into 15 chapters each containing: - Legal aspects of the subject matter - Kinds of letter - What is to be written in letters - How letters are to be written - Examples of letters - Vocabulary - Bilingual phrases: English and Vietnamese - Exercises.

It is desired that further research is necessary to find out specific problems of commerce students in writing commercial letters in English so as to help them to write efficiently and accurately at the discourse level. Due to the author's absence of up-to-date knowledge of the commerce world in the contemporary fast changing world, shortcomings and mistakes might have been made here and there in the book.

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Any corrections and suggestions from students, readers, users, friends and colleagues will, therefore, be highly appreciated. I am also deeply indebted to Professor Dr. University of Canberra for her kind encouragement during the development of this book in Canberra, Australia. I acknowledge my gratitude to Ms Leonie Cottril, lecturer at University of Canberra for her valuable instructions, corrections, comments, criticism, suggestions, and her daily assistance during the development of this book under her supervision.

I would like to express my thanks to all import and export organizations and commercial services of Vietnam at home and abroad for their assistance and permission for reproduction of their letters and documents. I also wish to extend my thanks to the teaching staff of the Faculty of English at the Foreign Trade University for their long and kind cooperation. I wish to express my special thanks to my wife and may children for their patience, understanding and encouragement throughout the preparation and development of this book. Without their support, material and spiritual, the book would have been made impossible.

I would like to express my many thanks to Mr. Timothy Mazwell Clemons from Australia for the trouble he has taken on may behalf in proofreading through the book. Finally, I also would like to convey my thanks to all of my friends, and former students for their constructive discussions, suggestions and timely assistance.

Good quality paper and an attractive letter head play their part in this, but they are less important than the message they carry. Business does not call for the elegant language of the poet, but it does require the writer to express himself accurately in a plain language that is clear, concise, courteous and readily understood. Second to grammatical correctness, achieving an appropriate business style may be the biggest problem for the writer of business letters. A sure sign of an inexperienced writer, in fact, is the obvious attempt to sound overly "businesslike". As per your request, please find enclosed herewith a check in the amount of Such expressions as "herewith" and "as per" contribute nothing to the message while making the letter sound stilted and stiff.

The first step, then, to writing successful business correspondence is to relax. While business letters will vary in tone form familiar to formal, they should all sound natural. The second version of our sample sentence is not only more personal and friendly, but it is also more efficient. It uses fewer words, taking less time to write and type as well as to read and comprehend.

With this initial piece of advice in mind, review the following list of words and expressions. Then plan to eliminate these terms from your business writing vocabulary. Avoid the following expressions: according to our records hereby, herewith acknowledge receipt of I have your letter with reference to may I ask with regard to in due time with respect to in due course of time at hand, on hand in receipt of attached please find in view of attached hereto permit me to say enclosed herewith pursuant to beg to inform, beg to tell thank you again for your information thank you in advance 1.

Dear Mr. Pendleton, With reference to your order for a Nashito 35mm camera, we are in receipt of your check and are returning the same. I beg to inform you that, as a manufacturer, our company sells cameras to dealers only. In compliance with our wholesale agreements, we deem it best to refrain from direct business with private consumers. For your information, there are many retailers in your vicinity who carry Nashito cameras.

Attached please ,find a list of the said dealers. Hoping you understand. Yours sincerely, b. Pendleton, We have received your order for a Nashito 35mm camera but, unfortunately must return your check. As a manufacturer, we sell cameras only to dealers, with whom we have very explicit wholesale agreements. Nevertheless, we sincerely appreciate your interest in Nashito products. We are, therefor enclosing a list of retailers in your community who carry a JO line of our cameras. Any one of them will be happy to serve you. Sincerely yours, 2. Courtesy and Tact While striving for a natural tone, you should also aim for a positive outlook.

Even when the subject of your letter is unpleasant, it is important to remain courteous and tactful. Building and sustaining the goodwill of your reader should be an underlying goal of nearly any letter you write. Even a delinquent account may some day become a paying customer.

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A simple "please" or "thank you" is often enough to make a mundane letter more courteous. Instead of: We have received your order. You might try: Thank you for your recent order. Saying "we are sorry" or "I appreciate" can do much to build rewarding business relations. On the other hand, you must be tactful when delivering unpleasant messages.

NEVER accuse your reader with expressions like "your error" or "your failure".

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An antagonistic letter would say: Because you have refused to pay your long overdue bill, your credit rating is in jeopardy. Because the second sentence refrains from attacking the reader personally and also includes important details , it will be read more openly.

A word of caution is necessary here. Some writers, in an effort to be pleasant, end their letter with sentence fragments: Looking forward to your early reply. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanking you for your interest. There is never an excuse for grammatical flaws, especially when complete sentences will serve the purpose well: We look forward to your early reply.

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I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your interests.

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Consider the deference between these two versions of the same memo: 15 a. TO: Department supervisors Date 1 March, Because so many have taken advantage of past leniency, lateness will no longer be overlooked.

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