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In the context of creating electronic books and legal documents, writers are faced with a challenge that remains unsolved: converting image files to the PDF format.

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While you may think that the problem is superficial at face value, the concern is more than that. In Ebook creation, some image files are inserted as pages. Without a tool that can convert to PDF instantly, writers are compelled to undergo lengthy processes, which kill so much time intended for other tasks. For professions involving the framing of legal documents, revisions are common. However, text and other areas for formatting can only be changed if converted to PDF or Word file.

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Finally, there is a solution! It is the newest creation that takes away the hassles of converting from one format to another. The following are its key benefits: Compatible with Various Image Formats. Don't be too discouraged about the software's name.

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No, the conversion is not exclusive to the JPG image format. However, since the converter continues to seek for perfection, only single-page TIFF formats can be accepted. Otherwise, you must convert from one image file to another so you can convert multiple images. Still, the level of compatibility is undeniable. Very Easy to Use. Does converting from an image file to PDF sounds difficult?

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The program allows the user to drag image files to be converted and makes him arrange them the way he wants it. The move up and move down buttons just have to be clicked to arrive at the desired page sequence. Once this is finalized, just click "Convert Now" and poof! You now have a PDF file in just a matter of a few seconds!

Incredibly Fast! As suggested, Ebook writers and document framers experience the problem which this converter tries to solve. The application is a simple, lightweight, drag-and-drop application that will make a PDF file out of most image and text files. You can drag multiple files onto the program at once - facilitating batch mode processing. You probably know that you can create PDF files with Preview - but Preview does not lend itself easily to batch mode processing.

Simply drag file s onto the Easy PDF icon. If the file type is acceptable, a PDF version of your file will More If the file type is acceptable, a PDF version of your file will appear in on your desktop! The free version is fully-featured donation ware.

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