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Just download, adjust the dimensions if you need to , and start typing. You can, of course, also change background color, text box color, font, etc. The templates are just starting points that can save you a few hours of fussing over the basics. This layout gives a lot of central, visible space to the results and demotes less important sections Literature cited, Acknowledgements, Further information to the bottom portion of the poster. Download PPT file. This template PPT is just a modification to illustrate that you can rename your sections to fit your discipline and tastes. If you are in charge of a poster session, please read my plea about this problem.

Below are some rough guidelines on what to include in each section of a scientific poster and how to pitch that content. Should briefly convey the interesting issue, the general experimental approach, and the system e. Do not include an abstract on a poster a poster is an abstract of your research, so having two summaries is a waste of valuable poster space. Write this section to target an intelligent person who is not in your field.

Quickly first sentence or two get your viewer interested in the issue or question that drove you to take up the project in the first place. Use the absolute minimum of background information, definitions, and acronyms all of which are boring.

UD IT: HP DesignJet Z Poster Printing Instructions for a Macintosh

Place your issue in the context of published, primary literature. Also note: unlike a manuscript for a journal, the introduction of a poster is a wonderful place to display a photograph or illustration that visually communicates some aspect of your research question. A nice image can draw people in even if you look boring or have a boring poster title. Keep length to approximately words. Briefly describe experimental equipment and procedure, but not with the detail used for a manuscript. Use figures and flow charts to illustrate experimental design if possible. Include a photograph or labeled drawing of organism or setup.

Mention statistical analyses that were used and how they allowed you to address hypothesis. First, mention whether your experiment procedure actually worked e. In same paragraph, briefly describe qualitative and descriptive results e. In second paragraph, begin presentation of data analysis that more specifically addresses your hypothesis.

Visual and UX design principles can improve the effectiveness of poster sessions

Refer to supporting charts or images. Provide engaging figure legends that could stand on their own i. Opt for figures over tables whenever possible. This is always the largest section except if you have no data. Keep length to approximately words not counting figure legends. Remind the reader, without sounding like you are reminding the reader, of the major result and quickly state whether your hypothesis was supported. State the relevance of your findings to other published work.

Add relevance to real organisms in the real world. Add sentence on future directions of research. Follow format described by your main society exactly. Grammar and typography police at conferences will find even minor infractions.

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Thank individuals for specific contributions equipment donation, statistical advice, laboratory assistance, comments on earlier versions of the poster. Mention who has provided funding. Also include in this section disclosures for any conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment more info. If you have a lot of conflicts, put them all in a Conflicts section. Keep length to approximately 40 words.

Keep length to approximately 20 words. Below are some tips to avoid producing a terrible poster. Please see this post for an example of a terrible poster. Your poster is yours , so you should feel free to add objects to increase the effectiveness of your message. Doing so will dramatically increase the number of people visiting and remembering you and your poster. If you have information that only some viewers might find interesting, use a hidden panel approach. Just print your interesting extras onto your poster, then cover the area with a hinged piece of poster board onto which you have glued something else.

Zoos and museums do this a lot. If you have three dimensional data or complex molecular structures examples ; more examples , make 3D images. The pages templates are divided into resumes, cover letters, flyers, business cards, and brochures.

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Numbers templates include calendars, event planning, personal finance, and checkbox. And last but not least, the Keynote templates consist of slides and presentations for school and business projects, but also come in abstract form and some presentations aimed specifically for church-related concerns. Just by going through the initial list, the design seems to be smooth and targeted for professional use. This is one of the crown jewels of Keynote presentation design. I have personally used this Toolbox to build stunning state of the art infographics that have gotten a massive reach out in the public forums.

The Toolbox consists of layouts, designs, themes, infographics, elements, icons, graphic styles and cliparts, all of which blend together thanks to the high design standards that Jumsoft is able to live by. There are frequent updates and new content is released on monthly basis, oftentimes releasing more than new items at a time.

The team behind these is open to customer support and feedback, in order to deliver a refined user experience in future releases. But, not everyone has been blessed with the time on their hands to produce free content at no expense. Toolbox for Keynote from Jumsoft is certainly a powerful package, but what if there is more out there? Graphic designers and illustration experts come to this site to share their ideas and collections of themes, at a minimal cost of what a custom design might have cost you somewhere out in the wild.

If you are particularly interested in a Keynote template for building infographics, this hot bundle is perfect for you. Let the following information literally blow you away: one thousand slides. Also, there are fifty color variables, maps and one hundred line icons. If you are interested in doing things the right way but want to avoid the hassle of starting from scratch, get your hands on this template kit now. In short, if you would like to amaze and inspire your audience or even your client, get creative now and make an impact.

Apple Keynote Tutorial: How to Make Unit Posters

Dive all in and get lost in the enormous collection of stunning, modern, professional and creative slides. You are closer than ever to the realization of the sophisticated infographic design with this multi-purpose collection of Keynote slides. Take the creation of professional presentation to a whole new level with X — Business Keynote Template. In the big set of impressive contents, you will find all the necessary for speedy and spectacular creation of a striking presentation of your business, agency, freelancing project, you name it! With the simplicity of dragging and dropping, you can quickly fine-tune and alter each slide according to your taste and preference.

Of course, if you fancy the out of the box look, keep it exactly as is and have the final product ready to go in no time. There are slides, seven gorgeous color schemes, free support, over one thousand icons and awesome animations that spice up the experience. The overall appearance of X is clean and minimal, making sure everyone experiences the content distraction-free. Step things up when it comes to the presentation of your fresh project, business, company, firm or agency with Reporting. To be more exact, it works best for studies and researches, annual reports, market reviews, as well as marketing and promotions, to name a few.


There are all these unique and striking slides available for you to utilize for a swift and straightforward realization of a presentation like none out there. Reporting is a Keynote template package featuring well over slides, more than icons, dark and light modes, animations and drag and drop image placeholder function. Changing colors and other details is a piece of cake, making sure you get the most out of Reporting without a hitch. Sometimes, all you need is one Keynote template kit to create a broad horizon of different presentations.