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Think again! Play Play against PokerSnowie and receive real time feedback on your errors with the Live Advice feature. Analyze Instantly analyze the real money games you play online by importing your hands and letting the AI guide you.

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Learn Accelerate the learning process by using the hand ranges advanced features and all the evaluation capabilities of the AI. Improve Fix your leaks, become less exploitable and increase your chances of success at No Limit Poker. PokerSnowie is made for all players. We've spent years developing artificial intelligence which learns from past experience, so you don't have to. Need a straightforward solution to help plug your leaks, balance your game and increase your equity? Somehow i found that when opponent bet in this situation,because of their low betting frequency ,their range is much stronger than I thought,and they are totally underbluff.

Does this app have the capacity to break down ranges by percentage of different holdings?

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Originally Posted by Curryboy. Reason: Added next to last sentence. Hey rj, I thought about something that could be cool as a future update. Let's say i enter a given range for Hero then for Villain. I put a fop. And now i do some filtering for Hero. Let's say i filter sets, 2P, overpair and TP. It could be cool to have a button that give us the rest of Hero range that doesn't pass through the filter. This way if we filter what we bet, for example, then hitting that particular button would give us automatically our checking range the leftovers.

Let me give you a clear example. I have a original range put on. This would be the first range enter for player 1 for example. And in the hand matrix i tweak a bit those TP removing some combos.

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If we could had a button that would give us the difference between the current range we have now and the original range from the prior street it would be really useful when we design some ranges for a mixed strategy. Last edited by Mr. Cyprine; at AM. In the iPhone app if you calculate the equity of Tx vs a random hand it gives Equity of 9x against a random hand shows up as Originally Posted by chinagambler.

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Was expecting either a "my bad; there's no problem here" or your scenario's export-text from the app showing the specifics of your claimed bug. But to just leave this hanging doesn't seem good. I'll try to resolve here. I see no bug here. I've had the iOS version on my iPhone for a year What can I do on the mac version that I can't do on the iOS version? Looking for value here lol. Originally Posted by condorsandclouds. Reason: Minor wording.

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Originally Posted by rj Disclosure: I'm the developer of PokerCruncher. A lot! The Mac version is the "Expert" version vs. The Mac expert-level features are listed in this section of the tutorial. Sometimes it doesn't transfer well form an app to an other because of the way they strip down the range. Hey RJ, Sorry, i should have been more precise. Yes i was talking about when ranges are weighted.

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I think the work around you provided will do the trick here. Enter applications developed by PokerCruncher Like Us On Facebook. Follow Us On Twitter.

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Privacy Policy. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Amazon, Amazon Appstore, and their associated logos are trademarks of Amazon. Take your game to the next level with PokerCruncher , an advanced and Mac-Expert professional-level hand ranges and flop texture analysis Texas Hold'em odds calculator that goes well beyond even PokerStove.

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