Mac mountain lion scroll speed

Move the slider arrow to the leftmost setting, Very Slow, for the slowest. The rightmost position, Fast, is the fastest setting. If your mouse has a scroll ball or scroll wheel, you also see a Scrolling Speed slider , which lets you adjust how fast the contents of a window scroll when you use the scroll wheel or ball. If your mouse has more than one button, you see a pair of Primary Mouse Button radio buttons.

Disable Inertia Scrolling in Mac OS X

These let you choose which button — left or right — you use to make your primary regular click. This is a setting many lefties like to change. It should be closed and then deleted instead. Makoto It is already closed. What I'm saying is that it's going to be that much harder to find these questions to effectively clean them up. Ugh, yeah. Please stop single-handedly retagging questions. Makoto I think it's better to prevent people from tagging off-topic questions with such kind of tags by deleting them instead of waiting for a day when it all will be deleted.

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SO got rid of homework after all.. Those questions were there open literally for years, and nobody cared.

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CodyGray what should I do instead? Could you guide me? Not that.

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Put together a list of questions that need to be worked, then keep track of it. Just blanket-editing the tags is going to make it harder for the rest of us to clean things up properly. That doesn't prevent people from doing anything. It just prevents us from finding bad questions and dealing with them. Yes, sometimes off-topic questions remain open for years and nobody notices them. That's because they aren't actually hurting things.

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My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far. Featured on Meta. Visit chat. Linked I find the two finger scroll option with trackpads even more handy, since you can scroll in any arbitrary direction.

Change the Way the Scrollbars Work on Mac OS X

September 23, Pygy. Awesome tip Mike! Works in Firefox as well, I just tested it in this page, I assume it's system-wide. Also, you can do zooming with Google Maps without a modifier key.

Disable Inertia Scrolling in Mac OS X

And I use a cheapy Logitech mouse September 27, Pete Prodoehl. Thanks for the notes everyone -- seems this was popular with Jon Gruber and several other Mac blogs too. September 28, Mike Rohde. Great, thanks for the tip. November 24, Johannes. You rock! November 10, Brian. March 21, Felix.

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  8. June 3, shpokas. This tip is awersome! I never liked Magic Mouse, so I use a Razer Orochi mouse and the horizontal scroll was the only thing missing to me. Thanks a lot. April 21, Kalil Maciel.

    Mountain Lion Scroll Bars (MacMost Now 855)

    Thank you soooo much for this!!!!!! September 14, Wouter. This really helps! Thanks a lot from Russia!! May 7, Ivan.

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