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Both are nice and light! Wednesday Bobbi Brown Foundation Swatches. I was given 2 samples to take home, shade 2. I just wanted to put up a few swatches comparing the Bobbi Brown foundations in 2. Mac StudioSculpt NC25 - 2. Mac Studio Sculpt NC30 - 3. Mac Face and Body Foundation C3. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation 2.

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Bobbi Brown Natural Finish 2. Now here are the foundations partially blended:. As you can see, the Bobbi Brown Foundations are quite a bit lighter compared to the other foundations. Due to the very different consistencies of the foundations, once properly blended most of them are good matches for my skin right now, excluding Mac Studio Sculpt NC30 and MUFE HD in which are a tad bit too dark for me right now.

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Mac Studio Sculpt NC25 never really matched me correctly. I had begun to think that my dream foundation was like a unicorn- didnt exist, and was only a figment of my imagination! Everything i tried either looked great in person or great in photographs but never both. But thats until i started paying attention to a lot of Makeup Artist interviews.

Intrigued, i hopped skipped and jumped to the Mac store only to find out that is infact a PRO product and is not available in the regular Indian Mac Stores. Infact now that i recall, this is the foundation used on me on my engagement! Thats it! The BEST foundation iv tried till now!! EEEeeee Im so excited iv finally found Mr. Right in Foundations!!!! You dont know how hard that is okay, finding a groom is easier i think! I use a C2 in Mac Face and Body. It seemed too light for me initially , but it just blended very well into the skin. This is limited edition right now so you should go buy it!

This is after four hours by the way. Not only does it look so natural and fresh, it gives good coverage medium , photographs beautifully, doesnt dry out my skin, and blends like a dream. What more can you ask for? I just wish this were made permanent in India. PS: BEST way to apply: apply thin layers one at a time, even if you think you cant see any difference.

MAC Face & Body Foundation; Review & Swatches of Shades

Get a foundation brush- this applied much better with a brush, and you will see the coverage getting heavier only after the first two layers. Follow peachesandblush on Instagram. Mehak can you please let me know can this replace your fav ponds TM, after ponds TM is discontinued and through your reviews i have thought i should settle for something like Maybelline BB cream. Hey Anusha, I wouldnt really wear ths everyday honestly. Theres nothing wrong in that but personally i dont like foundation for everyday wear…. But its really your choice…. This is light if you use just one layer.

Mac Face & Body Foundation Review

I just got MAC pro long wear foundation,that seriously good as well. You are spot on finding Mr. Right is easier ;. I love your blog and it is my daily bread, i hav been wanting to let u know tht u make super saviour beauty blogger. I love MAC face ad body too. I find that it is perfect for everyday. I just found your blog. Good job! But apparently its yet launched in Mumbai. My colour is NC 27 in Studio Tech. Does this thing come is all sort of colours?

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Also would this be an alternative to my current BB Cream for daily use? Hi Avz, You could use it daily if you want to bt considering this is one foundation thats good fr photography, i keep it for special occasions.

Yeah it comes in about 4 colors, but they blend with a lot of skintones. No yar…i think age is catching up with me, im getting solid uneven-ness in my skin. Have had to totally revamp my skin care routine. This foundation sounds wonderful. I was in love with Studio Tech and when that got over, like an idiot I switched to Mineralise spf 15 the cream one.

Totally killed my love for MAC foundations. I had actually tried this foundation a month back and bought it today after reading your review! Now i am a complete novice on make up so went by the shop girls recommendation of a N3. She said that the one she used on trial was darker C something i think?

Is that correct? Let me figure out the C and N thing n tell u. Hi Mehak, I love your blog soo.. Although I am not a makeup person, i love reading your posts… Keep going….

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Nice review!! I have super oily skin and have been on the look out for a good foundation. Will this work for my skin type? I hope it can at least help in winters :. Hey dont worry this is not oily or heavy at all so should be great. But set it with a powder if u want it to last lng.

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So i asked this this girl in the MAC store, ambience mall vasant kunj about the shade issue. I was finding a good foundation since long time, will definitely try this one now..!! Hey between boujois healthy mix and mac face and body, which do you prefer? I ask because I read other reviews as well and this is supposed to have very low coverage. Do you agree? PS you make this foundation sound like a dream and if this is all that was used on your engagement makeup, I am getting this right now! Hey, This has low coverage, but the coverage is buildable.

One layer is sheer, two layers is ok but three thin layers and its really a dream!!! I guess it depends on how much coverage u need. I dont need much. I ran out of my foundation and concealer a couple of days back and wanted to try a new one but ONLY after i read your reviews! Dont think so… What type of foundation are you looking for?? Its the best of foundations I have tried too!!! You look lovely in the pic. I wanted to know how many layers have you put in the above pic….

Hi Anjali, this is 2 thin layers…but my skin behaves pretty well on its own as well.. Hey , I have recently started using this foundation , wen I tried it at mac store I was very happy with the results but now that I use it , I am not very convinced. Shall I use a foundation brush?

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Please help. I use the Sigma F84 angled kabuki and I find it works really well and gets into all areas of the face to give a flawless finish. You look lovely in the picture! I am also a C2. Did you use a setting powder after you applied the foundation? Hey mehak!