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Por que se dice que va a cambiar nuestra vida? Por que es importante comprarlos a tiempo? Soluciones para un ordenador lento Consejos para acelerar y optimizar el pc.

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  • Ordenador lento y soluciones. Windows lento. Mac lento. If you continue to experience issues after you remove shapes, you should examine considerations that are not related to formatting. Conditional formatting can cause the file to grow. This occurs when the conditional formatting in the file is corrupted. You can remove the conditional formatting, as a test to see if the problem is with corruption in the formatting. To remove conditional formatting, follow these steps:. If removing conditional formatting resolves the issue, you can open the original workbook, remove conditional formatting, and then reapply it.

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    If none of these methods work, you may consider moving to a bit version of Excel, breaking your problem workbook into different workbooks, or contacting Support for additional troubleshooting. Opening an Excel workbook for the first time in a new version of Excel may take a long time if the workbook contains lots of calculations. To open the workbook for the first time, Excel has to recalculate the workbook and verify the values in the workbook.

    For more information, see the following articles:.

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    If the file continues to open slowly after Excel recalculates the file completely and you save the file, move on to method 2. Look through your workbook and examine the kinds of formulas that you are using. Some formulas take lots of memory. These include the following array formulas:. Formulas that reference whole columns could cause poor performance in. A popular way to create formulas, although not a best practice, was to reference whole columns.

    If you were referencing just one column in the old version, you were including only 65, cells. In the new version, you're referencing more than 1 million columns. However, with the new, larger grid, the same formula references almost For information on how to update Office, please see Install Office updates. For earlier versions of Office you may need to reconstruct your formulas to reference only those cells that are required for your formulas. Check your defined names to make sure that you don't have other formulas that reference whole columns or rows.

    If you continue experience issues after you change your formulas to refer only to cells that are being used, move on to method 3. Limit the formulas that are doing the calculations across workbooks.

    This is important for two reasons:. Instead of doing calculations across networks, contain the formula in one workbook, and then create a simple link from one workbook to another. If you continue to experience the issue after you change your formulas to refer only to cells instead of calculating across workbooks, move on to method 4.

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    Limit the use of the volatile functions in a workbook. If you have to have the current date and time in your spreadsheet, use the function one time, and then reference the function through a defined name of a link. If you continue to experience the issue after you limit your volatile formulas, move on to method 5. Array formulas are powerful. But they must be used correctly.

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