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You can use the iOS app as a remote to control the study mode on the Mac while you are projecting on a big screen. Printed cards now show background color of highlighted text.

Anki Tutorial 1: How to install Anki and make your first flashcard

Improved importing from Quizlet. I downloaded the Lite version and quickly purchased the full version using the in-app purchase option. I also purchased the companion iOS app. This app is awesome, and has helped me tremendously. My favorite feature is the iCloud Drive integration; everything stays in sync perfectly between my Mac and iPhone.

I mainly use dictation to write my flash cards, and that works great and speeds up the creation process.

AnkiApp - The best flashcard app to learn languages and more.

The study features are great as well. I never buy apps, but I am sure glad I bought these. Highly recommended! This app has been so helpful in my medical school studies. I love how easy it is to use and how I can seamlessly switch between making flashcards on my computers, full of pictures and beautiful text, to study my notecards on my phone in a format that is intuitive and natural. Highly recommend! Initially I had an issue with the app, the developer was responsive and willing to guide me through the steps.

And now I can review in confidence that this is everything you want it to be, after the upgrade of course. But even as the lite version, the app is still very useful. Glad to hear that everything is working again! Should you run into anything else, just let me know.

I'm here to help.

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If you want to learn almost anything, from a foreign language to the ten-codes police officers use, iFlash is for you. You can record audio and attach images directly into any flash card, create an infinite number of card sides, use categories, print your cards, quickly search, and more.

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You can effortlessly download the many different types of card decks other iFlash users have created over ! There are over 15 different categories of card decks available, ranging from Chinese to Mathematics to Medical.

And with a beautiful and easy to use interface , you'll be learning something new in no time. Use images and audio in your cards You can record and play back audio in your virtual flash-cards. Recording is easy — simply press the red Record button in the Inspector and make noise!

Additionally, you can also attach images to any card side in your deck. The images will then be shown while studying, along with any text or audio in your card. Unlimited card sides iFlash supports an unlimited amount of card sides per deck. For example, you could have one card side for a word, another for a definition, and another for an example sentence.

You can, at any time, add or remove card sides. The possibilities are endless.

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Print your flash cards The print feature allows printing in a real flash-card format and supports both single and double-sided printing. When you can't bring your Mac or iPod along, printing is the best way to study. Simple Memorization gives each card two states, either memorized or not memorized.

Score Memorization assigns each card a numerical score.

Honorable Mention: PaperHelp Essay App

When the score reaches a customizable limit, the card won't be shown again. Interval Memorization uses spaced repetition to help you learn over a longer period of time. Study on the go with your iPod classic or nano! Don't own an iPhone or iPod touch?

Evernote Peek

No worries! Using the built-in iPod classic and nano export, you can study any time you have your iPod. Say good-bye to paper flash cards forever!